Monstrosity series: 'A Coincidence' Diptych Picture

This is part of my semester-long series on the theme of Monstrosity. It was an assignment that we had to pick an overall theme to work on for the entire semester for various printmaking techniques, so I picked something in the same vein as my typical themes of "dreams" and "mythology" but with a darker turn.

This particular image is the third assignment for the course, an aquatint etching with "A Coincidence" as the prompt to integrate with my particular theme. I gave it a lot of thought. How can I depict a monsterous coincidence? I decided to play with the concept of innocence and innocence lost by first depicting a familiar mythological figure, the siren, which is well known for seducing sailors from their boats and then eatting them. I introduced innocence with the siren by depicting a mother with her child. Then the roles are reversed for the second image, instead of man being the victim, man is the hunter of an aquatic figure, in this case a fisherman harpooning an innocent fish.

This also plays on life and death themes, something I didn't originally consider when plotting out the diptych. One thing I find is most successful is that one image is bright and the other s dark, another coincidence that occurred in this image.

Information: Made March 2012. The dimensions are as follows: Each plate 2x7in; Gap approx. 0.5in.
Medium: Aquatint etching (sugar-lift and rosin) on Rives Heavyweight
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