sphinx: mlp style Picture

Always wanted to make an mlp style sphinx character, sooooo: I designed the species how I thought they would look, and eventually made two variants, one based on the Greek sphinx, and another on the Egyptian sphinx, both are part of the same race in the same way the the 3 types of ponies are still considered by creatures of the show to still be part of the same pony race

As a species they are very cold and calculating looking, but not all of them are, they are just not as expressive as other races usually, there are exceptions of course

Appearance wise I designed them as they are traditionally depicted in Greek myths, with lion bodies, wings(at least some of them in my version) and a human like face that has cat like features, I based the basic body structure on how griffins look in the show, as griffins and sphinx are both from Greek mythology, so I figured having them share the same lion type bodies and eagle wings will fit, as sphinx is basically a griffin, but with a human head added

The winged, or aerial sphinx as I like to call them are usually found at island\jungle temples as protectors of said temples, they tend to have lighter body colors then the none winged, or sentry sphinx, who have more earth like body colors as they come from desert and dry mountain stationed pyramids and temples.

As a race they are very intelligent, fast and strong, all traits needed in order to perform the duties of their race as temple guardians, they also have different types of magic developed to deal with relic hunters from different races.
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