Sailor Moon Tarot Card--The Sun Picture

Just the background--Prince Endymion is missing.

After talking to Kabocha-P, I decided on reading a scroll, cross-legged with his sword down. The original card has a baby, naked on a horse. But uhh... I'm not making him naked as much as the fans might like that, it would warrant a mature rating to the deck. Instead, I think freedom for Prince Endymion is to not have to fight, to read a book without Princess Selenity demanding that they go to the mall--I mean--hat he order another ring from the local Blacksmith. And why isn't he speaking right now?

Traditionally, the card has 4 sunflowers on it with a possible 6 in the background (behind the traditional figures), but 4 means Death in Eastern Mythology, so I went with 7 which is spiritual awakening which kinda goes with the card's idea of freedom and fulfillment.

Card Meaning
Upright it can mean freedom, fulfillment, that everything worked out the way it should. That you attained everything you should.

It also shows the simplicity of life and living.

Reversed, it means that you took on too much *cough* Princess Selenity and defending the Moon Kingdom. *cough* and that you need a reality check. It also can mean a loss of identity or self. *cough* Says that maybe what you're trying to attain is not attainable...

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Made the Sunflowers from scratch (vector), replaced the grass with own brush. I hope they look convincing. They were a pain to make. (The leaves and stems I'll add later as well as Prince Endymion.
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