Full Cosplay Progress Shot: Lady Loki~ Picture

I put it all on and figured I should get a picture of everything I have so far.
As you can see....<.< A lot has change from the first full body progress shot. I added some detailing around the slits in the skirt, I changed out the belts, my arm warmers have the "scale-mail" on them, and my necklace is finished. :3 Still got to pull the hooks down for the fur and cape but otherwise this is pretty much finished beside the "scale-mail" for the chest.

Here's the original design -> [link]
:thumb347633890: (Please note this was only based off of versions of Lady Loki I saw all over...not a cannon version in itself. I just took aspects such as the style of the skirt, the features of fur, and so on as inspiration.)

Yes, yes. I know the corset's green doesn't exactly match...but
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