Neo Sailor Tehm-p'ist Picture

"Neo Sailor Tehm-p'ist, Soldier of the Storm, member of the Star Warriors, the Lady Tempest."

As stated before, many Senshi of the Star Warriors base their titles and names from a wide range of diversities. Mythological figures, locations, ideologies, historical figures, anything can be used within the Star Warriors to assume a new title, even your own name. And that is what a band of young women did, choosing their names as their new Senshi titles.

Tehm-p'ist was a young girl who possessed an innate ability to conjure and master the strength of the storms. She could summon tempests, create hurricanes, heavy rain, blowing gusts, and many other weather phenomena. But she was not power-hungry with her abilities, nor was she evil. She possessed a strong fortitude and sense of love that was ideal for the Star Warriors. Approaching her, they offered Tehm-p'ist the chance to be something greater. Seeing the good that would come out of this, Tehm-p'ist agreed, and progressed through her training with ease.

Years later, she is now Neo Sailor Tehm-p'ist, one of the strongest elemental Senshi the Star Warriors, and a very tough warrior.

Weapons and Items

Storm Summoner- a golden scepter topped with a blue gem, this is the signature weapon of Tehm-p'ist. It's imbued with the power of the seas and storms, enabling her to link her very life-energy to nature and summon mighty storms to destroy the fiercest enemies. As this weapon literally links her mind and soul with nature, nature literally becomes Tehm-p'ist herself.

Scimitar blade- a simple but effective scimitar sword for use in close combat.

Known attacks

Stormrage- a truly devastating attack if not her most powerful, Stormrage can conjure up a howling storm to the enemies of Tehm-p'ist. Not only that, but Tehm-p'ist's mastery of this attack is so complete she can localize the damage to within just a few feet, for the storm obeys her every command.

Once more I'm starting this up again.

A couple years ago, back when I was a newbie, I met a great artist and photographer who had a series of women with magical abilities. Called the Mage series, it impressed me and I requested permission from the artist to make my own version. Given permission, I did a whole series of her Mages in my own image and then made them again in a second set.

Now I commence a third iteration. And this is the first.

As always, credit goes to terranada. She is now known, however, as

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