Battle Beneath Yggdrasil Picture

This is the actual linoleum carving, because the prints I ended up with were... less than satisfactory.

What's going on here? A guide to a confusing lino in 10 steps!</b>
1. So complicated! Where do I start? There's a tiny figure at the very bottom throwing their arms back and glowing; that person is the protagonist.
2. (S)he is casting a spell (seen in the middle, giant circles, with runes and spikes from nexus in center).
3. Okay, I can see that person, but what is the spell doing? The spell is sealing away a giant three-headed wyvern (one head is looking down, one is blowing fire, and one is tucked around the edge of the root).
4. Why do we only see part of the dragon? At the point depicted, all of the body has been sealed, almost up to the forelegs and head.
5. But where's the rest of it? As the body is sealed, it is supercompressed- presumably by the spell itself- into a tiny thread of energy, so that the wyvern's bulk can fit into the nexus of the spell.
6. Nexus? Seen at very middle, it's a tiny little circle. If you picture the spell as being written on a flat plane, the nexus would be at the very center.
7. Okay, go on, I guess.... Heh. However, the caster is having a bit of trouble: the wyvern, understandably, doesn't want to go, and is clinging fiercely to the very tail end of the root.
8. I don't see any root. The root is trailing off from above the top of the picture, and becomes thinner and thinner, eventually spilling out and ending near the feet of the protagonist. If you can tell, it's supposed to be hatched, in my attempt to make a tone the eye could follow. (It has little stripes all going in one direction) It also passes through the spell (there are tiny flecks of magic around the root where it passes through the spell, which is a flat disk in midair) and is partly obscured by the edge of the spell, the runes, the protagonist, and the protagonist's aura-glow.
9. Whoa! That's a huge... uhh... In my imagination it was a root of Yggdrasil, the tree of the world in Norse mythology.
10. So where IS this? The battle is taking place at the edge of the underworld (heh, just barely) where giant monsters like our friend the wyvern here eke out a living between Yggdrasil's roots. The protagonist is a hunter, come there for whatever reason (probably just to hunt, or maybe to take care of a nuisance for an employer). Thus, the title!


I did this etching as part of my school art class in January 2012. The assignment was to depict a dream you had had... and often in my dreams I have Monster Hunter-like scenes where I'm battling some giant wyvern or other. So, thus this scene.
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