DI Doodles XVII Picture

Okay, so this started with drawing Set in his current Ethan persona, who is just about caught up with the age at which Set stopped aging. And then, I decided to give Dev a whirl, since I haven't drawn him since he cut his hair (and yes, both his hair and his eyes are two different colors). After that, I figured, eh, why not draw the rest of the siblings and their parents? So, here they are: Geb, Nut, and all of their kids that I've got designs for so far.

At the top: Geb and Nut.
Middle row: Set, Osiris, and Nephthys. Nope, haven't got a design for Isis yet.
Bottom row: The three youngest of the siblings (although I'm sure there are pleeeeenty between Set and Dev that we don't know about) - twins Kelvin and Nina (who are almost 15 now) and Dev, who is now in college.

Maybe someday I'll do a well-thought-out image of them all, but that'll probably have to wait until I've figured out what Isis and Tefnut look like.
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