dusk dragon form revieald Picture

and in the dark of the cave he heard her sighing. loud splashes hit the ground flooding a warm liquid out into the open of the cool sumer night.as he stood at the entrance to the cave he wonderd what could be making such a sad sound and creating such an emence flow of water.

abe aproached and was quickly met with a harsh but famillyer vice."dont come any closer!" dusks voice was loud and allmost a roar in abes ears,or the ear like patches on the side of his head any way.

"dusk is that you?"she asks as he continues to aproach coming closer and closer allmost wading threw ankle deep worm liquid."please abe,i dont want to be seen like this."
dusk seys with a verry sad sigh in her voice.abe continues to move closer and soom a massive dark figure is clear to him.using his claravoiant tallent he outstretches his palm to see where he is going but as he enters the cave a small light flickers into vew.

"dusk i cant see please,where are you.?"abe stops and looks around with squinting eyes,hes just barley in the entrance of the cave and yet it is allmost pitch black."i am right in frount of you."
she seys sighing a sad and allmost depressing sigh."but where i cant see you all i can see is pitch black rock."he stretches out his hand to touch the wall but it moves befour him.he gasps and backs away a short distance and dusk seys.
"i am the wall my friend...i am the darkness shrouding this cave."more slashing sounds hit the cave floor and abe cocks his head tilting it side to side twitchingly untill his eyes widen and he looks up to see two massive glowing eyes staring at him.

"oh my god."he seys in a slow realisation of whats happend.he takes a few steps out of the cave and soon a massive shadow shrouds the caves entrance with the eyes staring at him sadly.dripping the massive tear drops onto he caves floor flooding the grass outside it.

"i never wanted to be seen like this by any one.especally you."dusk seys as she slinks back into the cave.befour her head disapears abe shouts."no please wait,i want to see.i want to see your magnifasent form.please." his pleaing touched dusks heart causing her to cry more allmost drowning abe in a salty dragon tear as it splashed around him.

his face look sad as his eyes close slightly in a sad squint trying to see in the cave.dusk sences his kind and caring emoton and sences his true feeling of consern for her.she closes her eyes for a moment and then she seys."allright...but your not going to wish to see me ageain."

slowley she passes threw the caves shadows allmost seeming to step threw a solid blanket or curtin of blackness.as she steps forward into the sun her scales shine a bright combanation of dark blues and blacks and silvery greys.her colors seems to match abes in a way only the apear darker and allmost blackish.

her massive figure ingulfs abe in shadows as her head towers nearly fifty feet above him.her broud chest expands and contracts to be no smaller than abes outstretched arms and lardger than the bprd building itself.her black tallons scrape across the ground goudging scarrs into its surface.once she finally fully exits the cave abe is in awe of her size and shape.

her back spikes stretch up as far as they can and the webbing between them shines in the sun allmost transparently clear blue.her horns have grown double there size and are as sharp as spears.her eyes shine like dimonds pearcing threw abes verry essance causing him to sigh a deep awe struck sigh.

dusk swings her long tail out of the cave and wraps it around to her right insurcling abe in between it and her body.her back feet apear animal like but her frount arms and hands are still some what human.she stands on her back feet just crouching slightly so she doesnt overwhelm abe with her full size.tears still fall from her ashaimd face.abe just stares at her looking all over her body amassed at the magniffasent body of a true dragon.

dusk stretches her wings out full ingulfing even the sun in there transparrent blackish blue color.they stretch more than twenty feet wide or atleast thats what abe guesses.the egyptian patern has disolved into the color and faded away.she folds them once ageain and seys.

"i am a monster,nothing more,please leave me alone."
she starts to turn back for the cave tears swelling and falling at a dangerious rate threatoning to drown even the trees as it waterfalls down the grassey hill into the forest below.abe shakes his head and simply syes."ill never leave you.no matter what form you take,i will allways be here for you."

dusk frezes and stares down at abe a slight smile crossing her face as she seys nothng she stretches out her hand to touch abe.reaching up he gently grabs finger on dusks massive hand and rubs it gently as he lays his cheek on her finger and closes his eyes."you will allways be my beautiful freak."
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