Bastet Picture

25. Someone or something from mythology
Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, and love.
Painted the common cat statue, instead of the human form with a cat head. I didn't feel like painting a person.
No background due to lazyness.

It took a while to think of what to do for this one. First I limited my options by being fluish and sort of forgetting that mythology is more than gods and goddesses. Next I realised that I apparently don't have a favourite mythological figure, or even a faved mythology in general. Different mythologies are cool and intersting, yes, but there just isn't one that would stand out as an obvious favourite.

Until I remembered Bastet. Can't say I know the Egyptian gods very well, but a little at least, they're a very interesting lot. And Bastet is, well, a cat goddess. I love cats. If I ever have had a favourite mythological figure, it was probably her. Because meow. Also, she's a goddess of joy, music, and dance, which are pretty much the foundation of my existence, so she fits.

I was going to try a semi-impressionistic, messy, watercolour style, that's how I started painting, but it seems that's just not in me. I couldn't keep the messy look and kept smoothing it out. Must have smooth and clear lines.

Got to use the gold paint I bought a few weeks ago, haven't had an excuse before.
Shiny! I also have silver, bronze, and copper. Don't know if I'll have lots of use for them, but you never know. Maybe I'll think of something.

Other subjects briefly considered:
- Old Finnish gods, but I don't know much about them beyond names.
- Old Nordic gods, but I'm more familiar with the Marvel ones than the historical ones. Sorry. But it would've been Freyja.
- Hindu gods, because gorgeous art and interesting looks, but I'm really very unfamiliar with them and would've probably done something horribly, offencively, wrong. Also, too much gorgeous detail for me today.
- One or all three Golden Goddesses of Hyrule, but enough Zelda in these already.
- One of the deities from the world that dwells in my head, built for my (poorly written) stories, but I haven't exactly decided what they look like.
- And sorry, mom and dad, I'm just not into making Christian imagery.

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