Dream Prince vs Nightmare Lord Picture

One lone figure standing against an overwhelming force of evil and devastation. This image depicts the neverending, relentless battle between me and my ancient adversary, Malice.

As I was once the phantasmal personification of all light-hearted fantasy, The Prince of Dreams; he is the embodiment of all that is wicked and evil; a living nightmare and the self-proclaimed "Lord of Destruction". Take heed now and bear witness to that which was, that which is, and that which shall forever be..."The Battle of the Dream Prince and the Nightmare Lord".

Ailida, Sreksihw, Wac-Am, Oryp, Ekaj, Yenoot, Sucinootrac Airogamsatnahp evil wena reverof!

Efil ot Ailida!
Efil ot Sreksihw!
Efil ot Wac-Am!
Efil ot Oryp!
Efil ot Ekaj!
Efil ot Yenoot!
Efil ot Sucinootrac!
Efil ot Aiorieno reverof!
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