SKY: Eve Lilith Concepts Picture

A while ago, I posted this. I hinted a few times about making Eve into a separate character from Violet, so here she is.

Eve's first name, of course, refers to the Biblical Eve who is the wife of Adam, the first man who gives his name to the protagonist of my crossover fanfic series, SKY: WORLD BRIDGER. Lilith has a more complex mythical basis, since in Jewish myth at least she is Adam's first wife and possible twin, who then dumped him after failing to become his equal (Eve is thus his second wife). She's also portrayed in modern occultism as a succubus, and is the mother of demons in several mythologies. I think the name sounded cool and exotic, and it makes sense for a meat-eating predator who constantly tries to seduce the main character.
Design-wise, she's based on the Mutant Violet pic above, though with a few changes. Instead of a suit of any kind, she is now covered in reptilian scales and armor plates (so despite appearances she's actually NEKKID!
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