Team Manbu Application Picture

This is an application for the PMD-Explorers group, which features the rescuer team, Team Manbu. Manbu is actually Chinese for "meandering". The two fellers on the team are Angel and Erebus, which have more detailed information below.

Name: Angel (pronounced An-gh-el)*
Species: Woobat
Gender: It's very hard to tell. Angel itself doesn't know for certain, presumed male.
Job: Co-Leader of Team Manbu / Non-Physical Attacker
Unaware (Unaware ignores other Pokémon's positive and negative stat changes when calculating damage involving a Pokémon with this Ability.)
Klutz (Cannot hold items.)
Simple (Simple doubles the effectiveness of stat modifiers. For example, if Defense Curl is used, the user's Defense stat will increase by one stage, but the effect of that stage is equal to the change of two stages. Similarly, if Tail Whip is used against this Pokémon, its Defense stat will fall one stage, but be treated as two.)
Moves: Future Sight, Air Slash, Signal Beam, Synchronoise
Traits: Largish wings for his body size, chipped tooth
Accessory: None, due to ability and preference.
Nature: Timid
Characteristic: Mischievous
Personality: Angel is often "gifted" with visions of other places or persons at the present. He finds this disorienting when it happens and he doesn't talk much as a result. When he isn't experiencing visions, he will be quiet and restful. He leads battles with his non-physical attacks and speed. If he is asked about his visions, he will be very stressed about answering, but will reply that they come from "the One that Rules". His partner, Erebus, doesn't put much stock in this response.
Erebus: Partner/ Co-Leader of Team Manbu / Friend...?

Hometown: He is unsure, but knows that it was in a cavernous place in the south.

Name: Erebus (pronounced Air-ah-bus)*
Species: Purrloin (Shiny)
Gender: Male
Job: Co-Leader of Team Manbu/ Physical Attacker
Limber (This pokemon cannot by paralyzed)
Unburden (Increases speed by two stages when a held item is used.)
Prankster (Prankster increases the priority of status moves by 1. Additionally, Prankster prevents these moves from being blocked by Quick Guard.)*
Moves: Night Slash, Iron Tail, Gunk Shot, Shadow Claw
Traits: Is a shiny purrloin.
Accessory: None, due to preference.
Nature: Adamant
Characteristic: Often dozes off
Personality: Erebus is a bold purrloin, often telling his opinions without thought to the consequences. This leads to trouble in more than one place, as he can sometimes forget to hold his tongue when talking to persons of authority. He likes to lead battle with physical attacks from his claws and tail and his speed. He has little patience for his partner's visions, and doesn't entirely understand them. He figures that they're simply a result of Angel being a psychic type. He doesn't desire evolution, feeling that going from his sleek, small form to a bulkier, slower one is not advantageous to him, no matter what other people say.
Angel: Partner/ Co-Leader of Team Manbu/ Pain in the butt

Hometown: Forested lands in the north.

Angel's name is from the medieval Latin masculine name Angelus which was derived from the name of the heavenly creature (itself derived from the Greek word αγγελος (angelos) meaning "messenger"). It has never been very common in the English-speaking world, where it is sometimes used as a feminine name in modern times. He lives up to his name by receiving his visions, as well as being somewhat gender neutral.

Erebus's name is the latinized form of the Greek Ερεβος (Erebos) which means "nether darkness". Erebus was the personification of the primordial darkness in Greek mythology. It has the variational name of Erebos. He is a dark type pokemon, and while he doesn't exactly dislike the light, he prefers darker places.

Team Manbu's name comes from the Chinese word 漫步 (romanized as "Mànbù") and it's translations vary in meaning between meandering, strolling, wandering, going for a walk, and other such synonyms. Team Manbu has wandered plenty in their time together, from the south-western lands where they meet to Tao Village.

Erebus' ability of Prankster is rendered mostly useless, since he doesn't have any priority moves to take advantage of it. His Unburden ability is also rendered useless, since he doesn't carry items into battle.

Angel doesn't like the feel of cloth on his body, and as such, rejects most accessories like ribbons, scarves, bandannas, and the like since they feel uncomfortable. He doesn't mind other sorts of items, but since he cannot hold them due to his Klutz ability, they're a touch harder to affix to his round fluffy body.
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