Karron Picture

Karron, yet another of Pyro's ancient enemies...well, to be more specific he's the ancient enemy of Pyro's clan. Karron was the evil leader of a flock of griffins who lived in the Smoldering Alps past the great forest that lie before Magma Mountain.

Karron is fiercely jealous of dragons and hates them for their power and prestige. Karron feels that griffins are vastly superior to dragons and desires to alter the social status so that griffins are revered as gods and dragons are merely their lowly servants. Karron also looked to Magma Mountain, home of the Chameleon Dragons, with envious lust. He wanted the power that Magma Mountain was said to bestow upon those who dwelt within it and would stop at nothing to unlock its secrets. Numerous attempts did he make to take Magma Mountain by force, leading his griffin hordes into battle with the dragons, but always they were forced to retreat, for the dragons were too formidable in force and numbers.

His defeats were often embarrassing and painful. Karron bears a scar over his left eye from were Pyro's grandfather, the old king of the Chameleon Clan, brutally burned his face in battle with his fire breath. With each defeat, Karron grew more desperate...and some would say, more insane. He began searching the world for weapons and ancient secrets to help him take Magma Mountain and destroy the Chameleon Dragons, but every attempt was foiled by the dragons' might, cunning, and vast knowledge of occult science. However, rumors are told that one day Karron was visited by a mysterious figure that granted him a special horn which he promised would destroy the dragons forever. In Karron's zeal and maddening hatred of the dragons, he used the horn without even a second thought. This event is said to have fallen upon the same night that the skies over Magma Mountain grew dark and the Chameleon Dragons vanished, but at the same time the skies over Magma Mountain went black, a great earthquake was said to have shook the Smoldering Alps where the griffins lived, and Karron and his griffin horde also disappeared without a trace.

Fast-forward centuries later, after the events of a tale I call, "The Mystery of Magma Mountain", Karron returns to be a reoccurring pain to Pyro and the rest of the 5some. This time his interest is not so much on Magma Mountain, but upon Pyro's spellbook, The Draconex; which he seeks to steal in order to use the spells within its pages to challenge Pyro for the position of Oneiroia's most powerful sorcerer.

Karron maybe part eagle and part lion, but there's gotta be a little cuckoo in that mix somewhere...or maybe a little dodo. ^^
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