Coco Ballerina Picture

Andromeda 'Andy' Fenton
April 1, 20-
Part ghost, the rest is human
German, Polish, English
Danny Fenton/Phantom (Dad), Sam Manson (Mom), Nathan Fenton (Brother), Grandparents (Jack and Maddie Fenton, Jeremy and Pamela Manson), Ida Manson (Great-Grandmother), Jazz Fenton (Aunt), Ghost Writer (Uncle), Mina Writer (Cousin)
Haughty, acts first thinks later, perfectionist, she is the one who scrutinizes people before she puts her trust in them, always presumes that she is right and will have a hard time accepting that she was wrong, is also a bit flirty when it comes to cute boys.
Good Traits:
-Takes her time perfecting whatever it is she is doing
-Is close to her family
-Will withhold her trust to anyone outside her family until she gets to know them better
Bad Traits:
-Will take her time perfecting ANYTHING she is doing
-Often argues with her mother about her hobby and attitude
-Can come off as someone with a holier-than-thou attitude to people who don't know her well.
Powers(if any):
-Sleight invisibility, enough to hide in the shadows
-Perfect coordination and is gyroscopically stable
-Glows in the dark
--Depending on the color of her glow, it can mean either:
---Green: Her normal glow
---Blue: A ghost is nearby
Background Story:

Andy is the first child of Danny and Sam and was born on April Fool's Day. As a child, she loved to watch ballets and begged her parents to enroll her into ballet class. Sam was a little hesitant, but eventually gave in. Both her father and her Fenton grandparents taught her how to defend herself in case ghosts attack, resulting in her combining her ballet moves with attacks. When Nathan was born, she was jealous of her parent's spending time with him instead of her, which was because he couldn't walk. After Skulker attempted to kidnap and hold ransom the 'weaker' of the two siblings, Andy grew protective of her brother and would rush to his defense if anyone tries to harm him.
Andy will fight ghosts if she sees one with ballet fighting moves and guns and, despite the fact that her cousin would be a more likely choice, would be the first one called in just in case her father is preoccupied. Despite wanting to be a professional dancer, she will take a little time out of her schedule to patrol the town. Now a days she is enrolled in an advanced class for ballet dancers and is already planning on enrolling in a prestigious school. Sam, even though she wants to support her children in whatever they do, has a little trouble accepting the fact that her daughter is a freaking ballerina.

Interesting Facts:
-Has taken ballet classes since she was a little girl, absolutely loves it, and plans on becoming a professional dancer.
-Has light strawberry blonde hair thanks to her mother Sam having naturally strawberry blonde hair and her dad's second hair gene being white, which resulted in her lighter hair color.
-As a result in having few powers, only suffers from lactose intolerance.
-Chooses to eat only fruits and vegetables not because she doesn't like to eat meat, but to maintain her petite figure.
-Wears her ballerina outfit all the time
-Favorite colors are brown, white, and pink.
-Danny thought Sam was joking when she said the baby was coming on April Fool's Day. She wasn't.
-Was named after the constellation and a mythical figure in Greek mythology, a combination of Danny's wish to be an astronaut and Sam's love for Greek myths.
-Always has a Fenton gun on her, considering she doesn't have any attack powers.

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