The Dragon and the Phoenix Picture

OMG It's finally finished!! And just in time for Valentine's, too. :3 Consider this the unofficial V-Day picture, depicting my favorite pairing. I'm such a Raos/Lomiel shipper.
I was watching Miami Ink (a show about a group of tatoo artists that opened up their own shop on South Beach), and there was mentioned the relationship between the dragon and the phoenix, and they were often mentioned together in Chinese mythology. I happened to apply this to Raos and Lomiel, Raos being the dragon (being one fourth himself
I also did the celestial symboloism; Raos the moon, since 1)His creator
See how obsessed I am?
Anyway, to the picture. I liked it for a while, considering it was the first picture I drew a
phoenix in and the first full-figure of a full-grown dragon, but I'm beginning to not like it as much. I took so long that I came up with several new techniques for coloring, and of course failed to apply them to it (XP), and theres several mistakes. I think using black (although it seemed reasonable, considering that the frames of Raos's wings are black) kinda broke the picture, and the color of the phoenix didn't turn out at all how I wanted it to (although the spots turned out how I wanted, and the orage stripe looks cool). The background I think looks cool, although I went through a lot of greif to figure out what to do there. The posture of the figures I think turned out good, and the eyes (particularly the dragon's eyes) turned out rather well. Even so, and can't help but think I could have done better. :/

Ah well, life goes on, right? I'm just glad I got to finish this. It's a nice picture. :3
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