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“C’mon, I won’t let those ghosts hurt you. Now, I liked what were you saying back there. Could you tell me more?”
Name: Agam Aadi
Nickname: He will introduce himself as Agam, but most people call him Aggie.
Occupation: Guard
Age: 20
Height/Weight: 5’11, 164 pounds
Species: Vanara. The vanara are a race of humanoid monkey warriors from Hindu mythology. They possess supernatural powers and can change their shapes, specifically their size. The characteristics of the Vanara include being amusing, childish, mildly irritating, badgering, hyperactive, adventurous, bluntly honest, loyal, courageous, and kind.
Birth date: September 22nd, 1992
Blood Type: B+
Weapon: Two Indian katars
Room Number/Roomate: TBA
Personality: Aggie’s life has always been driven by an incessant desire to learn. He is extremely curious and loves to learn. This lands him in more trouble than he would like to admit. He is an upbeat, friendly, and talkative. His love for new things causes him to attempt to befriend as many of the guests as he can. He is very loyal. On the downside, he is easily deflated. Living the majority of his life in solitude or basking in the praise of rural villagers made him unable to deal with negative reactions from people. Anger confuses and humiliates him. He would only respond to anger with anger when physically attacked or accused of lying.
History: Vanara are beings born from the wombs of animals, such as bears and monkeys. Aggie was born entirely alone in the sweltering Indian jungle from his primate mother. He lived with the monkeys until he was of six years of age, until being discovered by a humble Hindu monk who understood what the hairy monkey boy was. The monk gave him the name Agam meaning “unimaginable”, and the surname Aadi, meaning “first”, as the monk had no sons or any other family. Aggie was the first to come into contact him in a long time. The monk thoroughly trained Aggie in wushu and in the art of fighting with katars, and taught him to read and write in both Hindi and English.
The fatherly monk was elderly, however, and died a few weeks after Aggie’s 15th birthday. Determined not to let the death of his father figure stunt his education or adventuring, Aggie searched through the rural villages of India for a purpose. Many of the residents regarded him as a godsend, and though the younger Aggie entertained the lavish gifts the villages bestowed upon him, he quickly tired of the routine once his 17th birthday came around. Aggie turned to solitude and finding small wonders in the Indian jungle, using his size-changing abilities to his advantage.
Several mother after his 17th birthday, Aggie stumbled upon the abode of the monk. Inside, he found an ornate compass he now constantly carries with him. It was wrapped in a pristine sheet of white paper with simple instructions “Follow this needle, and you will always have somewhere to go.” Aggie did as such, and came upon a train ticket. He boarded the train shortly afterwards, and was offered a position as a guard by the conductor. He has remained on the train since, trading in his raggedy monk clothing for simple garments gifted to him by guests of the train who favored him.


-False accusations

Additional Facts:
-The glasses are unnecessary. He has perfect eyesight, but wears them because they were a gift from the first guest he befriended. He has no idea why he has green eyes.
-Aggie pays little to no attention to sexual orientation. He is considered to be “pansexual.”
-Aggie has a pretty thick accent. It seems to be lessening through time, but it is very apparent right now.

Prefered Role Play methods: Literate. My preferred methods are either through Skype or notes, since I tend to type a lot. I would be open to a chat roleplay, too, if necessary.
I sound so formal but I'm totally, totally not. I'm the biggest goober of a mod I swear. Also Aggie is also a goober that is all.

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