my first OC ~ Karisa : daughter of Nile Picture guessed correctly. That is the GOOD news I was talkin about. Her name is Karisa, and she's a Yu-Gi-Oh~inspired~character. I think there are some things you need to know about her:

How I inspired her?

-Some of you may have noticed that once in a while I post some crappy anime-girl-sketches I draw at school when I'm bored. Sooo, I've noticed there was a figure I was drawing all the time. And that figure was Karisa. So, when that thing happened with my parents, I was very frustrated. And I guess I had to "transfer" all this frusration somewhere...and that somewhere was a piece of paper. I was like "hey, now that I'm learning all that woman anatomy thing, I'll draw a good character of my own!". But things didn't came out as I thought...I didn't really use the things I learned from the bases I'm drawing lately. I don't know why...maybe I'm stubborn in drawing to...I want to make things MY way...and this is bad, actually..

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