Burst RP: Tempest Drake Picture

Lulz. This poor girl has gone through so many alternate forms and names and shit. Brought back the wierd-ass zebra highlights, too.
Ironically, "Tempest Drake" is a name I was going to use for an original manga that is currently in the works. It has dragons in it.
\(OwO)/ DRAGONS \(OwO)/

I'm also due to use a "self-insert" character at some point in my life (even though she really isn't much like me beyond her likes/dislikes and her partiality towards martial arts). I mean, my nuz character is a goof-off rat and my OCT character is a sadistic bitch who can insult people much better and quicker than I ever could.

I'm joining another RP because god-knows why! I've felt like crap recently, didn't want to work on anything important. So now you get zebra-hair over here. Also blame
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