KoC: Indra, Mint, and the Duke Picture

Three of the seven major adult characters featured in A Kingdom of Children. Here's some quick bio stuff:

Indra Chromati
The head of King Rosewood's order of magicians. Indra specializes in light-based magic, though he is well-versed in all types of magic. He has developed many new types of magic, including the photomneme, which captures memories into a semi-physical form to be transferred to a more durable medium. He and the Duke used to be close friends before the latter cursed the land. Indra and Mint are married with a son, though as he looks more like Mint, he has been given her surname and has more closely trained under her guidance.

Mint Viridian
Mint is the first woman to have been accepted into the order of magicians; while certainly not the first woman to have been trained in magic, she is the first whose talent was recognized by such a prestigious group. Mint has a preference for wind-based magic, which fits well with her carefree personality. She is witty and charismatic, having a gift for the spontaneous remark. She and Indra are married with a son by the name of Ivory, who is currently being trained in magic under her guidance.
(FYI, don't assume I'm making Mint into a purely "girl power!"-style character. Mint has never been treated differently than any male member of the order, in either a positive or negative manner. Well, aside from one time early on when Indra stole her bra...yes, he was a bit of a perv back in the day! Naughty Indra!)

The Duke (real name currently unknown)
The Duke is the main antagonist of A Kingdom of Children. He cursed the kingdom of Prismari ten years prior to the beginning of the story and has not been seen since. Not much is known about this man aside from his preference for shadow-based magic and that he and Indra were once close friends. He has been referred to solely as "the Duke" for so long that only a select few remember his original name.

Now time for some trivia.
-Indra is the only character so far to not have been named after a color. His last name is a corruption of the word "chromos" (Greek for "color"), while his first name comes from the figure from Hindu mythology with the same name. I chose to name him Indra because I figured that someone specializing in light-based magic should not be limited to one color, as pure white light is made up of all the colors, so I wanted to do something that related to the rainbow...and all the names related to rainbows other than Indra sounded much too feminine.
-Mint's appearance, particularly her red wavy hair, was partly inspired by Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3. However, in terms of personality and preferred type of magic, she is more similar to Yukari Takeba from the same game.
-The Duke is largely inspired by David Bowie's performance as Jareth in Jim Henson's Labyrinth. I even made a reference to Bowie's bad eye in the original concept sketch, though you can't see how I did it with the angle he's at in this pic. (The brighter colored ring in his left eye used to be bright blue like the right eye, but is now a deep red.)
-If you look at Ivory's eyes, you can see how I made eye color in A Kingdom of Children strongly hereditary, especially in those who study in magic; the outer rings in Ivory's eyes are green like his mother, while the inner rings are yellow like his father's.

Indra, Mint, and the Duke © PuppyLuver Studios
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