Chinese Myth: Goddess Nuwa Picture

This is goddess or mother nuwa the mother of the human races and she is from the chinese mythology

After God Pangu created Heaven and Earth, Goddess Nuuwa undertook the affairs on earth to make it prosperous. Descending from her heavenly kingdom, Nuuwa came to the eastern land. Seeing that Heaven and Earth were marvelously made, she was pleased.

But she saw something was missing. So she started to create. On the first day, Nuuwa created chickens; on the second day, dogs; the third day, goats; on the fourth day, pigs; on the fifth day, oxen; and on the sixth day, she created horses.

On the seventh day, using yellow dirt and water, Nuuwa made clay figures in her own image. She made many and turned them into living beings that we now call humans. One after another, Nuuwa made clay figures, but she saw the process was too slow. So she dipped a long vine in the mud and started dancing with it. Drops of mud on the ground turned instantly into human beings.

To make humans multiply and perpetuate, she invented marriage, in which men and women would join together to produce and care for their offspring. Human life started to prosper on Earth, supported by all creations.
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