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Ughh, I'm sorry for all of the refsheet spam. I'll be done for a bit after this one. Just needed to get a few of them done.

Anyhow, these are my superhero characters (though the super probably should be partially left out since DF has no superpowers and Hail's just a beastie) that have been appearing a good bit in my gallery (well, in a couple of colored things and quite a few sketch dumps) but they haven't had a proper reference until now. Why'd it take so long? Well for one, I've been busy and lazy, and for another, it's just so big, haha. The second biggest reference I have had so far (though trust me, another's in the WIPs and it will be even bigger).

If you wish to draw Duskfeather with her chain mail under armor, feel free to stylize the chain mail as much as you want. That's what I did, haha.

Mmm... on to biography informations....

Wheat/Wheatly Bresett/Duskfeather
"arch enemy": the Boa
age: 20 ;; size: 5'5", 120 lb
personality: determined, caring, over confident, daring, somewhat impatient, doesn't always think before acting
traits: gymnast, jeet kuando student, science-major college student, only child, heterosexual (but hesitant to get into relationships)
likes: mythology, skirts, museums, astrology, relaxing
dislikes: snakes, rodents, ruining an outfit, coming off as stuck-up
She was born into an upper-middle class family and was raised with a generally happy childhood. However, things went bad when her parents divorced, and she lived between parents for years until she graduated high school. A few nights before she would have went with her best friend to Europe for a celebratory vacation, she and her friend were mugged, and her friend was killed in the process.
She went to Rome to spread her friend's ashes and use the tickets she had bought (since her father didn't want her to waste them). After she spread the ashes, she noticed a stray cat watching her. It seemed horribly ill, so she quickly did what she could to help it, but before she could do much, it passed away.
The next day, she went to the same place she found it and buried the cat. Just before she was supposed to leave from her trip, she returned to the unmarked grave and found another cat beside it. She attempted to pet the cat, and after a while of trying to get it to trust her, it finally sniffed her hand (with what she thought was an astonished expression) and rubbed against her. There was a moment's pause, then it offered her a feather that seemed to come out of nowhere. The instant she took the feather from the cat's mouth, she could see odd, rounded gem-like globs encircling the cat's neck and could hear a voice in her head.
The cat explained that his name was Hail and it had been his brother, who had gotten separated from him a while back, that was in the grave then. Wheat apologized for not being able to help, but since the cat knew of her efforts while it seemed others had ignored his brother, he offered her protection. Shortly after, the two left for America.
When she and he returned, Wheat was almost robbed again, but she was astonished when Hail grabbed the feather that stuck from her pocket and suddenly became large and powerful and attacked the mugger. She had to stop him from killing the man, but when Hail finally returned to his regular, cat form, he erased the man's memories of that night and the two left the guy in the alley.
Afterwards, Wheat began to get ideas of how she could protect those she loved and others so that they wouldn't have to know loss like she did. Without using much guidance at first (thinking she could figure out things on her own), she had quite a few scrapes in the beginning, but with time, she took the identity of Duskfeather and made the alias Accord for Hail. They have only been working the "crime scene" for a year or so, but so far, they've not done a half-bad job.

Hail ;; Accord
age: 154 years (adult)
personality: careful, caring, worrisome, respectful, polite, protective, proud ;; a bit temperamental, protective, wary, fierce when need be, semi-obedient, can be "dumb" and playful, can be a bit rough sometimes
traits: intelligent, telepathic, not keen on "modern" ways, uses magic-like power for healing self/others ;; strong, has good stamina, can leap a story high & twice as far, can climb exceptionally well
likes: fish and cream, classical music, hunting
dislikes: fighting/killing, being "tricked" by cat toys
history: Hail/Accord was born to a society of other-dimensional felines who periodically visited Earth and whose society was worshiped by ancient Egyptians. He wasn't around back then, and by the time he came around, not too many cats from his world visited Earth. He was a member of the battle force on his world, along with his older brother, Almax.
Their government turned sour when a high-ranked cat forcibly took over, and his brother fled to Earth, along with many others who did not wish to follow the violent creature, to live out a more peaceful life. That was not to be tolerated by the new Order, and Asar, a powerhouse warrior was given the duty to bring them back, dead or alive, for punishment. Hearing this, Hail rushed to find his brother, but unfortunately, he did not find him in time. His brother had been severely injured and left for dead by Asar, and even though he was found by a human girl, he was too far gone to be saved.
Unwilling to return to his homeland, Hail decided to leave to another continent with the human, Wheat, who tried her hardest to save his brother. As a "thank you" for trying, he stayed with her, also believing he would be safer where it would be harder to find him. He didn't know that the girl would try to be a vigalante and risk his exposure, but when he saw how dedicated she was to her cause, he decided to be courageous like his brother and help her as much as possible. He knows it's a risk to be seen and reported on by humans, but he's willing to take it, even if his brother's killer comes to find him and take him out.
He does his best to advice Wheat, as well as protect her.

**references were used for base sketches and Wheat's clothes**

© Paige R

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