creative visualization dump Picture

these are some of the pictures i've done in my new class, creative visualization.
it's been so much fun, we basically just spend hours creating odd creatures and play with new ideas.
ok, so here's some descriptions.
from left to right

-fish lady! kind of a mermaid, but.... not. this one's my favorite, i chose it for my first long term project. i just turned it in, so i'll get that up when i can
-bird... armored... man thing. just playing around with fun figures
-sloth fat man. i tried to do something different than i normally do, which is long slender forms. and this is... not
-duck lady. hee hee. i just wanted to have fun with a duck form.
-this is a slipping annoyed bunny. paws... not good for winter
-this is a splice between a monkey and an armidillo. we drew two random animals and had to put them together. that was fun
now for some charactitures! i've never really done any before, so bear with me
-this is lacy, ma friend
-cory, random guy from my class
-now we did celebraties. this is tom cruise
-and this is maralyn monroe
-here we have an angry running spider. but i decided to interpret 'spider' very losely. and this is the product. i'm very happy with it, i had a lot fo fun drawing it
-and for the last one, we had to take a mythological figure and change it to be unique. i drew madusa. so my unique version of that is... MANdusa
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