Digimon: Did we dream it? Picture

Ken straightened up from where he had been looking through the pile of boxes, clothing, clothes-hangers, and action figures that had partially spilled out of the closet. "Davis, how are you supposed to find anything in this room?"

"I'm not. That's why I have my friends over to find things for me."

"Well I don't see it."

"How'd you get into the best school in the country again?" Davis took his turn at the avalanche of items. All around his bedroom things were packed in boxes, piles, and what could only be described as box-piles. Ken had already packed; the university he was going to attend started a few days earlier than Davis'. Ken remembered how many times he had hung out in this room with Yolei and Kari and the others; would all that end now that they were going to separate colleges?

"Hey, look at this." Davis dragged a thinning cardboard box into one of the few cleared areas of floor. Out of it he pulled one stuffed animal after another; a dinosaur, an insect, a hawk...or those are the names that another person might have given them, but to Ken and Davis they were instantly the Digimon; Veemon, Wormmon, the creatures they had such fond memories of. It was as if for a moment they were immersed again in the complete mythology of the creatures and their adventures...

There was other play-pretend paraphernalia in the box, and other boxes after it; silver goggles and gold ones, clothing from when Davis had been even less fashion-conscious, folded cloth with flaps like cloak-tails peeking out, the little Tamogatchi-shapes of the Digivices. But Ken could not take his eyes from the reflective glass almond-shapes of the Wormmon's...

He's remembering what a creepy kid he was.

I did this drawing and mini-fanfic very quickly, after my Digimon renaissance at AN. That show was so much a part of my childhood. I watched it again recently, and the fact is that the writing was awful with very few exceptions (that Dark Ocean episode...creepy as all get-out), but it took over my childhood. The world-building, and the appeal of a monster partner, was amazing. The way they balanced scenes in the real world with scenes in the digital world is still a standard for me when looking at modern fantasy.

An old friend and I had those electronic Digivices and a stuffed Veemon at least, and we had the requisite fangirl crushes (it was Ken and, oddly enough, Yamaki from 03 for me--what is it about these evil, arrogant men?!).

So I wanted to capture that feeling of a magical childhood. This picture is really Calvin and Hobbes and/or Velveteen Rabbit-inspired-- it's totally up to you to decide whether or not the Digimon were stuffed and they made the whole thing up, or if it was real. I've left at least one clue in the picture as to what I think. ^_^

I realize that I don't draw anime very well and that Davis without his goggles and with his impossible-to-replicate hair color looks like Izzy.
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