X and Y Starter Final Forms Prediction (Fake) Picture

Well, I got tired of waiting and decided to put my own two cents out on the table as to the final stages for the starters. Complete with stats and such.
Also my apologies if Badgnut and Toabulk look dull, it's mainly because all my ideas went into Shisearer that I didn't have much time to think of the other two very well. X___X

Chespin's Final Form: Badgnut (Badger + Nut)
Basis: Badger, or a Wolverine sort of animal
Type: Grass/Dark
Hidden Ability: Moxie
Base Stats:
HP: 70
Attack: 115
Defense: 65
Special Attack: 110
Special Defense: 65
Speed: 110
BST: 535

Fennekin's Final Form: Shisearer (ShiShi + Sear)
Basis: Chow Chow Dog + ShiShi Guardian Lion, mostly the former though.
Type: Fire/Psychic
Hidden Ability: Intimidate
Base Stats:
HP: 90
Attack: 50
Defense: 80
Special Attack: 125
Special Defense: 90
Speed: 100
BST: 535

Froakie's Final Form: Toabulk (Toad + Bulk)
Basis: Simpler a larger, bulkier Frog/Toad
Type: Water/Fighting
Hidden Ability: Water Absorb
Base Stats:
HP: 135
Attack: 110
Defense: 100
Special Attack: 50
Special Defense: 70
Speed: 70
BST: 535

Design Origins:

Chespin is a Hedgehog, and is by many predicted to be Grass/Dark due to the moves it used in it's reveal. Because of that, I assumed it would become a more predatory animal in it's final form, and the first thing that came to mind was a Badger.

Fennekin was a bit difficult, because the thing I wanted to do was change it from more like a Fox, to more like a Dog, because if I'm correct, it's the Dog out of the Chinese Zodiac Fire Starters (Charizard is Dragon, Typhlosion Rat, Blaziken Rooster, Infernape Monkey, and Emboar Pig). The only rational Chinese theme I could figure out was a Chow Chow Dog, or a more famous mythological example being the ShiShi Guardian Lion, which was sometimes thought to be more of a Dog than a Lion.

Froakie I didn't have much in mind for, but I simply went with a much larger version of it's normal looks. I'm going to redesign this one, but for now the theme of a bulkier toad is what I have in mind.
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