cloud eater and hydra Picture

Some creatures.
The top one is a Cloud Eater. NOT Evanfar work. Originally I made them for the lands far in the west, lands of the Bird Taurs. But they are FAR too alien for that world, and hold no resemblance to western mythology so I wont be putting them in.
Maybe have it as a species for Daleth? I know Nitol goes to get wolvar from there at one point soooo I duno.
It is NOT related to sharks in anyway, nor any fish. Its got more in common with jelly fish. Its overall shape is just like a sharks tho due to how awesome sharks are and how dynamic they be.
C load Eaters or 'Sky Sharks' are massive flying animals that do very little but float about with their mouths open, swallowing clouds. They do not eat actual clouds, in fact they get their water from just rain soaking into their mostly see through bodies. They eat clouds of insects and tiny air born creatures along with plant spores.
They can grow extremely large, about as big as our blue whales- however despite the size, they still weight extremely little. A dead fully grown specimen only weighs as much as SIX full grown humans.
The Cloud Eater fills its body with gases which are produced inside it as a bi product of its diet. This then makes it float. They use the wind and their fins to direct themselves but basically they cant do much steering- like hot air balloons.
They are all single sex creatures, they 'mate' by rubbing those lonnngg flanged fleets at the back end.
The other fleets are lights, in the night you can see them floating over the world, cold and silent creatures with no voices but moans of contempt as they look down on us all.

The second is a species for Evanfar, the lands to the west. The Hydra. The dreadful cave dwelling beast that thrusts itself from the ground to ensnare unwary prey a lot like a trap door spider --> [link]
I did some research on the Hydra and found little explanation for its many heads, other then it grew two more for every one that is cut off. And I dont know how some snake woman and this...winged dude with like...dragons for dicks could make a hydra sooo I SUBSTITUTE YOUR IDEAS AND SUBMIT MY OWN.
Thus the Hydra of Evanfar is a mostly reptilian beast, it lives in the under ground part of the West, and burrows into the ground with its front legs which are a crocodile/ moles.
The male Hydra has no life of its own. When it hatches, it does not develop legs like the female, but instead slithers off to find a nice big sexy female and attaches himself to her body, cutting into her carapace like shoulders and staying put. He now acts like an extra head for her, providing her with sperm when she is laying eggs and also being an extra pair of eyes to help look out for prey anddddd their enemy, the Gryphons. Gryphons dont like the Hydra as it likes to dig into their burrows and eat their babies. :/ go figure.

Females also have a sensory tongue which they flick out to sense vibrations in the ground- and alert them to potential prey above.
Their necks are retractable to an extreme extent, but very unprotected, should anything bite it when its fully out stretched it prolly snip its head clean off.

Im having funnnnn.
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