A moments rest ( Anzu Imdugud ) Picture

attempted to look at and reference disney scenes for this.... I don't think disney scenes are my thing xD

o3o cute baby information coming soon ( as are details xD )

Name: Anzu "Zu" Imdugud
  • "An" heaven
  • "Zu" to know

  • Zu, also known as Anzu and Imdugud, is a lesser divinity of Akkadian mythology, and the son of the bird goddess Siris. He was conceived by the pure waters of the Apsu and the wide Earth. Both Zu and Siris are seen as massive birds who can breathe fire and water, although Zu is alternately seen as a lion-headed eagle

Gender: stag/colt
Height: 10.3 hh
Age: newborn
Color: Sooty Bay Fawn (Pearl Carrier)
Genotype: EE/Aa/nprl/nsty/fwfw/rzrz
Type: blackwood x glenmore fawnling
Build: medium

Herd: Blackwood
Rank: herd member
Bloodlines: Kira x Tivy
Siblings: many
Mate: TBA

Personality: For now he's a young, childlike, cherubic colt with no desires other than to see his mother happy and learn all that she can share with him. He will always love his mother and always be protective of her. Brave as a colt he's not shy about placing himself between harm and his mother ( shouldn't this be the other way around!? bad Zu! )

However with a father you wouldn't want as an enemy and a mother who's a little too friendly and childlike to for his taste it should be no surprise when Zu grows up to be a callous, cynical, goal-oriented stag. He may not be the most powerful at magic but he'll figure out how best to manipulate what gifts he has to suit his needs ( which are just as, if not more so, power hungry as his father ). He absolutely adores his mother, despite her youthful, curious personality and, as a fawn, shares in her curious ways. One of his goals in life is to become a very powerful anti-healer; to use his herb lore against others in such a way that is detrimental to their health. From poisoning land to water to even an individual. He's going to be a very egotistic stag as an adult. He will be a ladies man, though not as aggressive about it as his father. Swooning, sweet talking, canoodling, convincing, etc. He wants willing partners but will refuse to collect his own "harem" about him.

Strangely, equally, devoted to the Goddess of Blackwood and the Deities of Glenmore he finds a way to balance things out eventually but not upfront ( and must keep his Glenmore Diety loyalties a secret )

Story: to be lived

Fight Stats:
    Speed: 2 (max 7)
    Stamina: 2
    Strength: 3 +1(type) = 4
    Experience: 1

Herb Lore: 9 ( birth )
    - - - - Steadily proficient in poisons and tonics. More likely to cause illness with herbs than to heal. Easily recognizes edible, inedible, dangerous, poisonous and toxic plants/animals/things. Extracting from plants/animals and basic mending ( abrasions, clean bone breaks/setting bones, minor-mild illness' such as dizziness, weakness, nausea, colds. ) Basic: 9

Magic: 4 ( birth )
    - - - - Necromancy Basic ( can summon ghosts but ONLY if he witnessed their deaths, can NOT control the ghosts )
    Basic : 2
  • no training
    - - - - Earth Magic Basic ( green grass and flowers at feet, with training will extend to a 5-7 foot radius in an oval shape around him, nice plump friends eat good! )
    Basic : 2
  • no training


- - - - Blackwood anti-healer/soldier
- - - - - - aspire to greatness
- - - - Always protective of his mother ( it's out of respect to HER that he doesn't take unwilling partners )
- - - - - - terribly cynical and austere
- - - - Travel a LOT in his youth to learn all he can
- - - - - - Desires to become Blackwoods King

I'm thinking he will NOT have a horn o3o to make life difficult for him 8'D such a silly defect and it'll let his white stripe be the focus of his face x3 ( plus yet another obstacle for little Zu to overcome )

so all-in-all obstacles he will have to over come are 1) No horn, 2) Shorter than other blackwoods AND only Medium build, 3) only Basic Magic

abilities that will HELP him over come this - 1) untrusting nature, 2) strong training in Herb Lore *he will abuse this* 3) determination 4) Creative/active thinking/planning/conniving

will have LONG silky and smooth hair

will be a plump, healthy blackwood from grazing in other lands and from his earth magic providing himself with grazing

will have a pet Raven or a black wild cat ( NOT jungle cat, something around the size of a feral house cat )

I would LOVE for him to meet with siblings and other fawns of the same birth-seasons/year as him. Possibly make rivals and allies as a child, possibly have some childhood romance that falls apart ( or suffers through everything )

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@[email protected] I'll touch this up later especially the artwork I'm so sleepy tonight and my back aches D8
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