Experimenting.. Picture

I'm experimenting on the my Naruto OC's clan, called the Mitsuki Clan (Beautiful Moon Clan). My OC's name is usagi mitsuki-hime (so together, her name in Japanese would read "Beautiful Moon Rabbit Princess").

Her name and clan is loosely based on the mythology story of the white rabbit on the moon, who was a companion of the moon goddess. This goddess, was said to create the Mitsuki people (clan). After some time, the white hare, that she loved, disappeared from the moon. The goddess immediately left the moon and searched the earth for the rabbit. Though she never found him, she met a handsome white-haired prince on earth and fell in love. They got together, and had many, many children, thus starting the mitsuki clan. Because the goddess had left the moon for so long and adapted to earth, she grew very old. Before dying, she had encountered the white rabbit again, but strangely, the rabbit was even more whiter, appeared to be glowing, as if in spirit form. After asking him where he was all this time, the rabbit stated he never left, he was always with her. This is when the goddess realized that the handsome white-haired prince, now her already deceased husband, was the rabbit all along. This was the rabbit's true form on earth. After realizing this, the goddess died peacefully. After her death, the moon's energy became stronger, meaning that her spirit had returned to the moon, along with the rabbit's.

This is why the moon is such a vital part of this clan, the moon is their most relied source of energy. This is the only clan that can gather energy from the moon, and use their energy as special attack beams and force fields. This is known as "energy release". All of their beams are colored a light pink, and when using their techniques, their eyes glow pink. They are also all born with light pink eyes, lightly colored purple hair, and beautiful smooth brown/dark-brown skin.At a certain age, they receive their special white markings, to represent the moon, the white hare and the goddess.

This clan is also a very rare clan in Konoha, that is noble, and like royalty. They also tend to love rabbits, and take special care of them (owning a special field, where a lot of rabbits can be found). Because of their unnatural energy storage, they can perform medical ninjutsus that has to do with chakra or energy. They however, are veterinary medics, that help heal animals.

(Im still trying to figure out if they should summon rabbits, or to leave the summonings to team 7 and other canon characters that can summon, and have ninja animals haha) and my drawing is getting there..oh well...still brainstorming I guess

The head of the clan now, is usagi's grandfather. He is the strongest member of the clan. Her mother is also a very strong clan member, the strongest female member there. Her father however, was not originally from this clan, but is the best veterinary surgeon in Konoha. He is also a quite remarkable shinobi, and feared and respected among a lot of people in the village.
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