Why if not for riches? Picture

This peice was actually inspired by a story a bout a man who helps a rich noble catch a unicorn in olden days and then regreted it to see the beauty of the unicorn marred so completely. v deep. author was Tanith Lee, a v famous writer of short stories.u should really read her book if u can find it- FORESTS OF THE NIGHT love it. but yea, in the pic there is a child of the household is against the keeping of the unicorn and the man who helped capture it is the cloaked figure in the background who is actuallly (tho u cant really see it) throwing away the bag of gold which was his payment, in shame. but yea. in case u havnt noticed, im kinda obsessed with all this mythological shyt. lol (-P
(P.S. the crown, pearls on the cushion, jewelled dagger and jewels scattered around the unicorn are all part of the old legend of how to catch and keep a unicorn)
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