Morgandy -design sketch thing- Picture

Since Absinthe looks really Celtic-y, even though she's named after a green French tonic xD, I decided to give her a little Celtic companion/pet. This is Morgandy, a Cu Sith (coo-shee), which is a mythological Celtic faerie dog C: According to legend, they're supposed to be huge, but she's obviously little xD; And they're supposed to have braided tails, and she does...but I didn't feel like figuring out how to draw such a thing at the moment, so I gave her a butt-ribbon...she puts the ribbon at the end of her tail when she braids it :B She's all green, with a few cream-colored spots, a pink flower in her hair, and a green clover marking...and her wings, bow and collar are also green xD; Gona scrap this 8D

Morgandy (c)- Me
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