RTH: One-Leg as Herakles Picture

(Originally posted in 2008.)

River Twine Holt ([link]) does thematic art contests, and back in mid-2008, was holding a "Fairy Tales & Mythology" art contest, so I did this for that, plus as an art-for-fic trade with One-Leg's owner Chris.

One-Leg has been seen before in my galleries; this is, obviously, him back in his Axehand days, before he lost the leg and got old enough for facefur. In any incarnation, he's something of a natural for Herakles. (I didn't base this on any one visual version of Herakles, but rather put together some of the most common elements that signify him in classical representations, such as on Attic black-figure vases. Primarily: carrying a big club, and wearing the skin of the Nemean Lion.) There are things I'm only so-so happy about here, but what the heck.

The usual media: Pentel Pocket-Brush pen and ink; Copic marker coloring.
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