::Cronus Sketches:: Picture

So. I realized I hadn't posted in a while and that's no good since school's starting soon... Tuesday to be exact. Right before my birthday! How wonderful! At least it wasn't right ON my birthday like last year xD;

Since school will be starting, I won't be posting much for a long while... so I figured I'd better get something up. I found this while rummaging through my pictures, looking for something I hadn't posted yet. This is over 2 months old now if I'm not mistaken. Well it's still decent.

And no, that's obviously not a gun. Really. It's more of a place-holder 'cause I can't draw guns, so I figured I'd draw in a blob that held somewhat the shape of a gun and so I'd just edit it if I CGed the image xD ...which, I never did.

The gun might be abandoned now, given further thought to the design. Cronus uses sickles.

Oh yea, and I finally decided to just call the thing Project Olympus. ...because otherwise, all my other original projects will get confused and meshed into the same thing. The other one is still being referred to as Fauks and Kyle's Crazy Nameless Adventures.

Oh. That black blob there? ...I don't really know what it is. Must be an eraser shaving I scanned by accident or something... xD;
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