Adventure Time Persona/OC(?) Picture

So, I have gotten into the fandom known as Adventure Time. To commemorate this, I have drawn myself as I think I would appear in said cartoon. There are no banshees to speak of in the series, so why not have a banshee? Also I picked this race/species/mythological spectre because I'm really really loud and my voice is unintentionally shrieky.

My character's name is Kel because of two reasons:
a) I already have an OC Mary Sue that has my real name (Sarah) which can be found here: [link]
b) I was constantly called Kelly by school staff when I was younger for reasons that I've never figured out, and since Adventure Time brings up nostalgic feelings, I decided to implement that useless bit of past into this character.

Thus we have Kel the Banshee!

Her companion is the personified version of a bat plushie named Cherry. [link] Cherry is unlike most bats; he's able to walk around in the sunlight without blinding himself just fine and can talk, but as a consequence he's scared of the dark, can't use echolocation, and can't communicate with other bats too well.

Gerald the mystery paintbrush is a possessed-by-a-wizard paintbrush Kel found that inspired her to go and join her friends on their travels. Gerald can't speak, but he has a mind of his own. He can make pictures come to life, can shrink to any size, and can change the paint color to any hue Kel desires...if he feels like it. More often than not, Gerald will not cooperate with Kel (due to his anger that she woke him up from his 1,000 year nap) and will instead shrink or change color to the opposite of what she wants just to piss her off, but in dire times he will always lend a bristle. Gerald speaks to Kel and Cherry via writing, and he usually changes his paint color to match his mood.

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