Vershwintel, Eternal Oroboro Picture

Excerpt from an unnamed scroll in the Atlantian library

When The Great One brought us to the Kingdom in ages past, what we saw was a rich verdant paradise, filled with life. But, The Great One told us, "You must not eat of all of these gifts I have gave you. For if you do, then the Wohrm will eat you as payment. He is the master of these trees, and those who eat of the ones he guards will be doomed to die.

I swear, the things they came up with on that isolated giant's back. . .

Anyway, after the Creation of Gaientes and the forming of solid land, which was a virtual field of lava until Kayundjin and the Gola cooled it, I spent the better part of a year attempting to create physical life. It took me some time, but I was finally ready to test my new life, which I placed on the soil's of earth to add a little variety to the red and brown earth. These were the first plants, hardy and simple little things that I made to be tough and rough.

Seeing that the formula I used for making them worked, I began to make more complex forms, eventually arriving at a small bit of inspiration you call, 'flowers.' Beautiful things, really.

It seemed I could be satisfied with all this, until I noticed something I had not anticipated. I learned, first-hand, that life in this universe can be very temporal. The beautiful plants, they grew unabated, but then they started to wither and die. I found water helped, but it was only relief, not the cure.

I realized a small thought, a pondering on my part. I am an endless being, one who never changes against his own will, and I do not wither without my own part in it. Though, perhaps it is simply a difference in universal laws. In my former existence, energy was never consumed, it permeated all around us for our own amusement, but in this much more bleak universe, everything just seems to love eating each other.

I didn't want to live where I had to repeat myself yearly, so I needed a way to keep the life on this world, which I searched so unbearably long for, self-sustaining, and capable of reproducing themselves. But to do so, I needed a way to make it a little interesting.

Thus was born Vershwintel, The Third, The Eternal Oroboro. Unlike the conflicted Kayundjin and the silent Gaientes, Vershwintel was living, much like the plants, only different. I gave him a charge, 'give what you must, and take what you will.' He then went about the world, consuming many of my creations, which was a little painful to watch, but I noticed something. He only ate one of each kind, which was most of them altogether,

He then made his way to the silent mass of Gaientes, where he crawled up to his back, a silent rocky landscape much like the one below on earth. Then, strange powdery things began to form outside his body, which floated into the ground, birthing small juvenille plants of the ones I made. This astounded me to my core, though I had to wait and see if it truly solved the problem.

Within a short time, these new plants did things I made them unable to do, they released the very same powder that birthed them before. He had done it!

Delighted, I gave Vershwintel a gift, a piece of Gaientes' power of gravity. With it, he was able to go wherever he wished however he wished, be it the seafloor or the highest mountains. I then bade him take most of the plants and place them all over the land, saving some of the more pleasing species for myself, turning Gaientes' back into my own personal garden, in a way. You know how it goes.

But, something went very wrong. I abandoned my garden, forming small shepherds from the stone of Gaientes' back to watch and care in my place, called the Apuya, which still exist today. Anyway, the problem was that Vershwintel did his job a little too well. He did what I asked, yes, but he did not stop eating things either. If I let him go without stopping, the world would slowly consume itself. I needed a failsafe, a way of keeping Vershwintel leashed should he become too voracious. And so I created a smaller, different sort of being that at first glance looked like a plant, but was much different, you know it as a fungus.

I placed them amongst the plants, Vershwintel eventually eating them. Then it happened, a strange growth emerged at the tip of his bright tail, exuding an earthy brown hue that spider-webbed its way up his length as he consumed. This pained him greatly, but it had to be done, I programmed his commands in too much of a one-track manner. My mistake.

Vershwintel has grown rather bitter over the years, at times even hostile. I had to do it though, I needed him out of my way as I needed time to concentrate on another problem rapidly appearing...

(note: Inspired from myths of the Rainbow Serpent, the Earth serpent, the Long, the Mongolian Death Worm, the Oroboros icon, and a few various other things.

Yeah, I know, not the most original of ideas. Giant worms have been done, but, none that I know of can do all this dude can. This guy can survive in any known environment, even the vacuum of space unaided. He is made, mainly, to symbolize the cycle of birth and death, only on the plant scale mostly. I enjoyed coming up with the design myself, the rainbow stripes were a little odd, but they worked, especially the number of colors represented, (tie-in to the Long myth for those who REALLY know their mythology.)

Now, the theme I've been going with, obviously, is the worlds creation. I'm taking a lot of different myths and boiling them down to one myth alone. The beings so far have been the Numbered ones, beings that represent the growth of matter of the universe. First came energy (Kayundjin), next came mass, (Kayundjin), third comes consumption and birth of rudimentary life, (Vershwintel), and from there you might just have to figure it out yourself. Hope ya enjoy, lawd knows I sure did.
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