Hisshin Hitokiri Ryu Picture

Name: Steve Smawllet

Age: 23

Birth date: 16/10 / (unknow year)

Height: 1.76 Hair: Black Eyes: green

Personality: Malicious from the bottom, Steve is a cruel and cynical, which is not confined to lie, swindle and harm others in order to achieve their objetives. Due to the events that changed their shape, part of his mind was also affected, because their lost memories of a spark of nobility that was inside. However, it is not a coward and not afraid to face to face any problem.

Strengths: His mighty sword, Hisshin Hitokiri Ryu, translated into Japanese as "Soul of the Killer Dragon" was set up in China and Japan has perfected the power to create and control the fire ( is a chinese jian plus with a japanese katana), as well as lightning, which are the elements belong to Steve, not knowing that the roots of Chinese and Japanese martial arts, is an experienced fighter, especially in the Jet Kune Do, whose art is to adjust according to circumstances, as a dragon. Combining both skill level is a fighter. Interestingly, his fight is harder to use the sword.

Weaknesses: The main weakness lies in not being aware of who he is, if a fighter gets to break the barrier of calm that is in its combat, its tranquility, while adapting to their movement, fighting force reduces .

Family: None

History: The one thing of young Steve remeber was the was to his childhood, being the son of a drunken Scotsman and a Chinese woman, was rejected by both cultures, which was without knowing his identity or where he came from, or place it belongs , grew up in this atmosphere of almost 10 years his father died, leaving no choice but to travel to the east with his mother. But there was a jump of more than 10 years, in which all memory of his head was missing, not knowing who was or what kind of life he had led until then. One night, while trying to wash his face in a stream, the figure reflected in it was not his, and then was taken in complete darkness. When he awoke it was a kind of underground cave, located in the sacred mountains in China, and some terrible and monstrous shadows were against it. These shadows are ASURA, ancient and mythical demons of Eastern mythology. The Asura Steve promised to return their memories in exchange for carrying out a dangerous mission. This mission was to travel to the island of Fusang (name under which the former knew Japan) and steal the 3 sacred treasures of the island. The mirror Yata no Kagami, Kusanagi sword and jewel Yasakani not magatama.

To carries out such an undertaking, the Asura who showed him the ways of the famous five rivers in China, which were the spirits and the forces of legendary dragons Tianglong, Shenglong, Fucanlong, Dilong, Yinlong, Jiaolong, Panlong, Huanglong and the Dragon King. Under each source where rivers overflowed join the vital energy of the rivers of each Dragon, Steve accepted the deal and let the water down and cover your body, but because the current was the last are of Dilong The Dragon of the underworld, which Steve did not have his memories of the inside had a spiritual vacuum that was filled with the malice of evil dragon, changing their physical appearance, their skin became darker and his hair becames totally black, all that remains he was his old eyes, green. Although asuras not offered any weapons, stealing a sword that was inside the cave, although it was incomplete. But during his trip and subsequent arrival in Japan, understand why the Asura told the mission. The real aim of the demons was the face of Japan deities Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo in discord with the great spirits of China Tianglong, Huangdi. Despite their desire to obtain the past, the boy understood that the conflict would lead to his act, despite being able to do, which ended in the return of Japan finished with his sword in the hands of Japonese Artisans, and to be stamped with his own blood, he called Ryu Hitokiri Hisshin "Soul of the Killer Dragon," which returns with, he trait to and murderer to the ASURAS, has since wandered to various locations either East and West, seeking power and how to recover their memories, but the essence yinglong continued on, forcing some of their wild instincts, which makes it a great evil and cynicism continue in it. (All this happened in modern times, but impossible to reach a stage for those who can not feel the energy of life flowing in all the time and space)

Upon learning through the Li (Dragons low spiritual hierarchy) of the power residing within a girl in the castle ruins of the kingdom of Floating spiral is the perfect opportunity to finally be able to get a force that will allow you to recover their memories and Part of your soul that is forgotten. Is willing to face in the tournament any opponent that crosses its path.

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