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Class: Chooser of the Slain
Weapon: Sword (VP), Lance/Sword (VP2)
Race: Aesir
Age: 25 (Midgard Reckoning)
Birthplace: Valhalla
Soul Crush: Nibelung Valesti

Elder sister of Lenneth and Silmeria, Hrist serves Odin with great zeal, making her ruthless and even somewhat evil in this regard. A frighteningly terrifying figure, she was brought out of slumber in Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth to replace Lenneth after her sister regained her memories as a human. Claiming the Valkyrie body, she was defeated by Arngrim, Mystina, Lezard Valeth, and Brahms as she tried to confront the Lord of the Undead and recover her sister Silmeria.

In Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria that she was dispatched to bring the errant Silmeria back to Valhalla. Initially foiled in this endeavor, Hrist posed as a human warrior named Leone and joined Alicia's quest to aid Dipan in fighting the Aesir, not revealing her true identity until they reached the Palace of the Venerated Dragon. She fled with the Dragon Orb, eventually destroying Dipan and executing King Barbarossa at Odin's behest. However, she would eventually side with Alicia, opposing Freya herself, stating she would not allow the gods to harm her einherjar. Later, after Lezard casts the Sovereign's Rite on her, Hrist's soul combines with those of Alicia, Lenneth, and Silmeria to become one Valkyrie in order to defeat Lezard. It is shown that afterwards their four souls separated again. thought their fates are unknown.

In Japanese, Hrist's name is アーリィ ("Aarii"). It has been romanized as "Ahly" in the Japanese version of Silmeria and "Early" in the Valkyrie Profile artbook. In Norse mythology, there is a Valkyrie named Hrist.


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