CR:O - Main Three Racing Teams Picture

Whose side are you on?

So this is for a side-project that is coming out late this year, called Combat Racing: the Organization Cup, and what it is basically a sequel to another person's failed attempt at the story. I offered to take the story and closed it out with the Organization buying out the competition, and now they're bringing it back bigger than ever and everyone is joining in for the biggest prize up for grabs.

The teams you see here are based off of the villains of Cartoon Network (the goat head), the heroes of Cartoon Network (the apple), and some anime that I randomly picked (Dai-Gurren). There is a reason for the symbols and I will explain them in a brief summation...

Diablo Furies: Based upon a lot on mythological folklore, some based on the Greek, about goats relating to Hell, etc.
Physic Breakers: Certain cartoons have the ability to break the laws of physics, with the apple being the center behind Newton's laws. Others are used to showcase the destruction and results of lack of physics.
Dai-Gurren Seishin: ... Do I really need to explain this?

I do have more logo along the way, I just to figure out what I am going to do for the Original Characters entering the race. And speaking of: submissions for racers are still open and I need more people to sign up. If you want to race, PLEASE CONTACT ME, and I will have your racer(s) ready to go! For more info, check this out and scroll down until you find the instructions to enter: [link]

P.S: That goat head took me FOREVER to make! At least I only did one side of it to look decent.
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