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Instead of paying attention like I should have been on the final day of Interim, I decided to draw in my notes and, what do you know, some character designs FINALLY came out! Keep in mind, these are just first drafts, however, and must be taken with a grain of salt. I am aware that they are kind of shit, but at least I'm making progress!!

I'm also trying to figure out a new way to draw eyes, because mine look soul-less and creepy... I haven't come up with anything good yet.

1) Freyr, Vanir God of Fertility: Its taken me a long time to get this guy just right. Back in the old days, he had boar ears because boars are cute as hell... but that would be weird as hell, so I took them off. In my mind, Freyr's sexuality is a bit questionable... his rituals of worship were slightly questionable... and questionable is funny... so he's one of my ambiguously bisexual characters, hooray!! I also like to keep him clean shaven, it just works better in my mind for a young fertility god. His character is going to be flamboyant, optimistic, but calm and collected, a pleasant sort of fellow, but don't make him mad. He's a great warrior and he has a temper like his twin.

2) Hodur, the blind god. Despite not really being mentioned in hardly any stories, Hodur is one of my favorite gods. He's blind so I can't imagine any of the war and battle obsessed gods putting much stock in him, so I think he gets cast off to the side just as much, if not more than Loki. In my mind, they have a mutual bond over being outcasts, people that don't really fit in with Asgard. My design of him has him as a calm, thoughtful, and wise young man who doesn't draw much attention to himself and prefers to do things on his own. He has one of those handicapped people pride issues, too. He doesn't like to be pittied.

3) Baldr, the god of light or something: Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that I hate Baldr. Its the Loki sympathizer in me that makes me incapable of liking him. He's so perfect and popular and flawless and shiny and a pascifist hippie and everyone loves him so much... I actually made him slightly obnoxious with all of his good qualities. I am so pathetically biased...

4) Tyr, the God of War: Tyr is another one of my random favorites just because, when I was watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail when Lancelot (wasn't that the right knight? Its been a while) charges into the castle and just starts killing EVERYONE, I totally thought to myself "THIS IS SO TYR" and I sort of based him off of Lancelot. Brave, belligerent, but dopey as hell. He has even less of a brain than Thor sometimes, and that's saying something. Its his bravery glands in his brain. They're so swollen, it left no room for the common sense lobe... which is why he lost his hand to Fenrir.

5) Heimdall, the Watchman: Heimdall is the one and only god in all of Agard that Loki hates with a passion and actually returns that hatred. They are rivals through and through. He's also Loki's exact opposite. Where Loki likes to dance around and be silly and play pranks and laugh, Heimdall is serious and stoic and takes everything without a smile on his face. He is very trustworthy and loyal, which is why he makes such a good guard for the entrance into Asgard. That, and he has super-human eyesight and hearing.

6) Freyja, the Goddess of Love (both emotional and sexual) Freyja has always given me trouble, and I'm still not satisfied with her design. I'm terrible at drawing women, especially pretty women. Thing with Freyja is that she needs to be the most beautiful woman in all of the nine realms, but still a mother fucking badass because she's in charge of the Valkyries... you know, the kickass women warriors that fight alongside Odin and carry worthy men off to Valhalla when they die in battle... so yeah, that's hard to balance. She's a bit of a slut, though... as all goddesses of love are. She's also pretty PMS-y all the time and is prone to scary amounts of rage. Bottom line, don't mess with Freyja. If the guys who fawn after her don't kill you, SHE WILL.

So yeah, that's sort of a short thing of what I've got so far. I should pay more attention in class, but I don't. These aren't the only characters I have designed as of right now, they're just the ones I did today. I MAKE THAT PROGRESS GOOD, FOLKS.
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