Orochigami Picture

Name: Orochigami (Orochi from Japan myth and gami from Shinigami meaning death God)
Type: Familiar Deity

Personality: Orochigami is one of many millions of familiar that exist within the turian mythology. Originally the snake like creature was deemed an omen due to his ominous intents, trickery being one of his main games and snarky remarks. Unlike most other Familiars Orochigami doesn’t mind the heat of battle or being dragged into dangerous situations unlike most others.

Brief History
Upon many years ago when Turian religion was still apart of everyday living, there was a spirit known only as Orochigami. Seen as an omen or a sign of bad luck and death, the snake remained feared for many centuries until Turians became more and more involves in combat and fighting, religion became less and less with each day and soon the snake deity was forgotten and only remained as a lore. Despite everything the snake felt like an outcast and unwanted though this didn’t halt the spirits intent as he became eager more and more to be paired with someone. However High priests and priestess became few and little, those who had a sense of the spirit world could see him but none became worthy enough for the snakes liking until he came upon Malivous, a young Turian who was much the same as himself.

(So I often like death or reapers and considering this is Mals spirit guide I figured I'd take my own spiritual animal which is a cobra and add some interesting stuff to him. Originally was going to give him some feather like feelings but decided this was perhaps simple and nice enough)
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