The Recorders--King of Wands card Picture

The King of Wands is pure fire energy, but strangely enough, he has the least to do with actual creation and creativity. His forte is not in dreaming up ideas and implementing them himself, but in taking an idea and changing the world to match his vision. As such he is a natural leader and commander of all kinds of people. They flock to him to hear what he has to say and leave just as eagerly when he gives them something to do for him. Like the rest of the Kings, the ruler of the Wands suit will appear in two ways in your life: either as a person or as a part of yourself that must be awakened.

A friend and I got super bored last week and started trying to design tarot cards for our original characters. Mainly it's just fun to try and figure out what cards best represent their personalities and roles in their story. This first one of mine is the villain of my project "The Recorders": his name is The Curator, though he's based on Hypnos, the brother of Death in Greek mythology.

The Curator and related Recorders characters belong to me.
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