Seven Deadly Sins: Envy Picture

Here's number three on my Seven Deadly Sins portrayed by Final Fantasy monsters. I read in mythology books that goblins are known for stealing, which means you have something they want. Rather envious wouldn't you say? This is why a goblin was chosen to represent Envy. Jet from the Avatar series, inspired me for his weapon. I figured he can use the hook sword to clip hold of a valuable potion, steal it, and drink it himself. The bag he holds is virtually bottomless. Although small, the bag holds more gold than Fort Knox, Scrooge's money bin, and all the [?] blocks you ever opened.

Envy steals your items with his hook sword. Any healing item he swipes is used on himself. Any item that damages, such as an unused magic scroll, he uses on you. Better hide those valuables before you engage him. His small stature and agility make it difficult to fight him.
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