Art 3 Project 6 - In Times Picture

SO! It's finally finished and I'm actually very satisfied with this.

The goal of this project was to show surrealism in a 3-D space. So yeah.

My goal was to have the tree in its own plane inside of a glass dome. The giant silhouette in the background is pressed against the glass in the background trying to get the figures in the front to snap out of the trans there in and back into reality. Thought it was cool idea tell me what you guys think.

The title is in honor of Enslaved's new Album titled "In Times", Which Ive been listening to non-stop since Sunday thought it officially doesn't come till today actually. THANK YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE IN THE EU FOR POSTING THIS BEAUTIFUL ALBUM ON YOUTUBE!! I NOW KNOW I NEED TO GO PURCHASE THIS!!! I just now really wish they would tour closer to my home state, I would spend all my money there, It's not even funny.

I also felt the title was rather fitting. I was planning on naming it after one of the tracks off the album but most them half to with Norse mythology... and I painted a tree. >_<

Ink Wash on paper
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