04 Trail of the Dead Picture

This is a re-upload from my old account.

This page is the opener for the main storyline. It takes place at an annual festival called Zommie Con, an All Soul's Day/Zombie March type parade where people dress up as their favorite monsters or mythological figures for fun. Page 3 left off with Hiroko chasing after an aerial drone, and meeting a city inhabitant who said he would show her around the city during the festival. Hiroko arrives at the Zommie Con amazed by the human world and the people who live there. But now she is lost, because she lost her human tour guide!

The main cast of the human world are also introduced: Anno, Jacko, Isis, Kenji, Chris, and Jimmy. You'll see more of them later. Even though this is a festival meant for fun, things are going to get extremely brutal and violent in the next few pages!

Done in Photoshop, Open Canvas, Google Sketchup

Takoma Village model by Google 3d [link]

2d people collection by Mockingbird [link]

I also used stock photos that I captured myself with a camera.
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