Medusa Humanized Picture

Have you ever wondered what some of my characters look like as a human? Well let's try that with a Pokemon...

This is Medusa the Hydreigon, now without the heads where the hands ought to be. Now she is a Greek (or Slavic) athlete, and a very powerful one at that, so that's why she's so buffed up and and aggressive looking. I could easily see this woman being on the swim team, discus, shot-put, sprints, and javelin events... Hell, the Javelin is her choice of weapon even! Now I honestly can say that yeah, she could have done well with more clothes, but honestly, athletes shouldn't be weighed down by clothing (or ridiculously huge breasts, which to be honest, I think I made her bits too damn big because boobs are fat and she's a lot of muscle). Oh well, better luck next time, am I right?

You know, for being based off of a rather ugly Pokemon and an ugly mythological figure, she sure cleaned up nicely in the human transposition, wouldn't you agree?


I guess muscle isn't your thing then...

Pokemon elements (C) Nintendo/GAME FREAK
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