Sanke Picture

This is a my cat-koi-dragon, Sanke. Her name means "red spot on head" in Japenese (she's named after Sanke koi fish even then her scale pattern is that of a doitsu koi).

Origanlly I was going to make a combiation of just a tiger and a koi but I decided I wanted to be more creative. I figured the tiger head wouldn't look as good on an asian dragon body as a house cat, so I changed it. Also, with a house cat head I could give Sanke pointy fin ears. ^u^

The flower on the collar is a lotus because Lotus flowers have strong symbolic ties to many Asian cultures. They symbolize good fortune, peace, beauty, and predominately, rebirth. This ties in with the Chinese legend that the koi fish who have the determination to swim up the yellow river and jump over the falls turn into dragons.

Also, both cats and dragons are considered good luck in asia.

....and I learned so much about koi fish while drawing this it's ridiculous.

made with primsacolor pencils and a pen
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