Senjska bura Picture

Bura is a northern to north-eastern wind in the Adriatic. Its name derives from the Greek mythological figure of Boreas, the North Wind.

The area where some of the strongest bura winds occur is the Velebit mountain range in Croatia. This seaside mountain chain, spanning 145 kilometers, represents a huge weather and climatic divide between the sharp continental climate of the interior, characterized by significant day/night temperature differences throughout the year, and the Adriatic coast, with a Mediterranean climate. Bora occurs because these two divided masses tend to equalize. Sailing can be extremely dangerous for an unexperienced navigator in the Velebit channel because the wind can start suddenly on a clear and calm day and result in major problems, frequently also affecting road traffic. Near the towns of Senj, Karlobag and the southern portal of the Sv. Rok Tunnel in Croatia, it can reach speeds of up to 220 kilometers per hour. On 15 March 2006 the speed of a gust on the Pag Bridge was measured at 235 kilometres per hour.
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