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Erif, Erutan, Dniw, Naeco and Tirips...

The Elemental Five...

I created the Elemental Five as a stock set of mythological beings if I need some sort of mythology for a mysticallish race. Also, I wanted my logo to mean something. XD Any of the following "explainations" of the history/powers of the Elemental Five is fiction. I'm not starting a cult with these guys.

Naeco controls the oceans, the seas, the lakes, the rivers, the ponds, the streams, the creeks, the puddles, the Dasani in your fridge... you get the picture. He has power over water, in all its forms(ice, liquid water, water vapor). He created the four oceans and seven seas of the world, as well as various waterways and aquatic animals to travel through them. He doesn't create anymore water now, as he figured the immense amount he created at first was enough. Now he just cycles it throughout the atmosphere. Naeco is very easygoing, but absolutely WILL NOT tolerate malicious befouling of his beautiful creation. Erif is Naeco's close friend, and they often get together to play poker(though Naeco often loses). He lives at the bottom of the deepest ocean.

Naeco © PuppyLuver Studios
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