Jiji Huntress 2 Picture

Jiji the Huntress, my Left 4 Dead OC based off of me. here's a full pic of her [link] and here's the profile:

Name: Jiji

Age: 19

Gender: female

Height: 5'01" ft.

Occupation: Art I Teacher

Type of Infected: Huntress

Personality: A very sensitive, self-confident, maternal individual: She is very expressive in what she does, having a deep passion for Art in all its forms. Though she is generally friendly and shows sensible optimism, she can be at times very unfriendly and rather skeptically withdrawn about others’ intents as well as having the unpleasant tendency of overreacting over small things with a vicious ill-tempered manner (though she tries not to), usually because of her intolerance for immoralistic behavior or because of a bad mood. But even in the middle of her fury, she is always willing to listen to reason. From there, if she finds herself at fault, she is quick to apologize and forgive… If not, well now, if you’re lucky, she’ll show a little mercy; otherwise, you’re in for a painful butt-whooping (She’s a good fighter, but not a trained expert). In the end, she always feels guilty and eventually grows a compassion for all she meets. Deep down, she actually cares greatly for the welfare of others, particularly her son; she’s just trying to help them become happier.

Family & Background: Like many other infected, she lost most recollection of her life along with her family to the zombie apocalypse. And like every other infected during the time, she learned to survive and adapt to the bloody savage life of the zombie, living in the city of Boise Idaho. During this time, she would steadily become a cunning fighter. 2 weeks later, she found herself pregnant, though she figures she was pregnant before the apocalypse since she has no idea who the father is or any clues to who he could have been. A few months later before she was due, she had the misfortune of unwarily trespassing into the territory of a Hunter pack and meet their Alpha, who immediately took a lustfully frisky liking to Jiji, Xerxes. She was easily captured and was forced to join the pack as the alpha’s “Mate”. Xerxes would then become Jiji’s most hated and feared enemy as he would constantly molest her, attempt to abort her child, rape her, and was sadistically overbearing in an extreme degree; especially when her son Tyler was born (Picture of her son -> [link] ). He then went as far as torturing her infant to break her into “sleeping” with him “willingly” without showing any speck of protest. It would become the most traumatizing day of her life that still haunts her dreams even to this day. Then finally after over a month of planning, preparing, and patience, she managed to escape from Xerxes’ den and his pack with her and her baby’s life in one piece. She then became strictly nomadic and strived to take care of Tyler and survive until the days where both Zombie and Survivor alike learned to co-exist. Interestingly enough, her area has yet to pick up back to civilization. Because of this and due to being moderately new to living “civilly”, she still has some aggressive and animalistic habits developed back during the uncivil days as an infected. She now lives as a single mom with her child Tyler, doing her best to re-adapt to civilization, working, raising her child, and doing whatever she pleases. Somewhat recently, (at age 24 in L4HS) Xerxes’ men found her new home and kidnapped her, bringing her back to her old home with Xerxes. History nearly repeated itself for her with Xerxes until a few days later she would finally manage to kill the sick alpha by a wild chance of luck. She then disbanded the dead Alpha’s pack and returned home with Xerxes’s skull as her prize. Upon her way home, she discovered one of her family members, her older brother, Marco, is still alive. Marco, a lackadaisical shy but gentle-hearted Tank, is her favorite sibling whom she openly shows to be VERY playful and childish around. He sometimes comes out from the Savage Zone to visit Jiji and Tyler.


Likes: Her son Tyler, the arts, drawing, cats, helping via advise/counsel/defending, playing video games, comedy/humor, napping, thinking, talking about interesting things, mythology/legends/folk lore/etc., music, dancing, learning (when she feels like it), and hearing/sharing a good joke.

Dislikes: big dogs, most insects, people scaring her as a joke (though she's very easy to startle to an extent), immorality, inappropriate junk/dirty topics, being teased/seeing someone be bullied, rude/ bratty/ arrogant/ cocky/ ignorant/ mean people, being bossed around, profanity, and prejudice ideas.

Fears: the possibilities of terrible things that could happen (particularly the death of Tyler), smoker tongues, parasitic bugs, and getting in a situation that would result in never being able to use her body to do anything ever again (such as arthritis or handicaps), and Tyler getting himself in danger.

Even though she has turned down every guy she’s met so far due to her stubborn distrust and pessimistic paranoia, she quietly dreams of a romantic relationship.
Despite that she’s a Hunter, doesn’t like hiding her face under her hood. Because of the light exposure, her eyes became completely white and emit a strange dim glow. She isn’t blind however.
Contrary to her kind that are typically known to shred their foes apart, she prefers to fight with powerful kicks using her legs over ripping things apart with her sharp claws; And what she can’t physically accomplish with the strength of her arms, she’ll get done with her powerful legs instead (such as pulling herself back up from hanging on a ledge, “opening” locked doors/windows, or moving around heavy objects); she has rather weak arms as a result. So, if you challenged her to an arm wrestling match, she’d likely be the last to win! Ha ha~
Her laugh naturally sounds evil or malicious, kinda like the cackling of a witch but minus the old-lady quality.

Birthday: June 15th

Other Drawings of Jiji: [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

Hunters, Left 4 Dead (c) Valve
Jiji (c) Me, lol
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