Kumiho Pathfinder Bard Picture

Eyyy youse guise!
So I'm delving into Pathfinder fairly soon again and this time I've got a new character set up! Following the Kitsune race and the mischievous fox spirit trope, Imma be a tricky bard! But I figured since most of my tabletop characters have Korean aspects here and there: Half-Elf Cleric's name is YoJeong and 요정 Means elf, Wood Elf Witch (Full Moon Coven) Zarah D'ar and 달 means moon, etc. etc. I've gone blatant full Korean-themed traditional Drum-dancer, even the outfit is Korean! I think the design is coming out great, and I've also based it somewhat off of recent events. Back when I was in Korea as a missionary I had to start walking on a cane because of knee issues and within the past half year or so I've started to walk on a cane again - so I figured I wanted a sword cane character - but that was too cliche and the only designs for a sword cane character seem to be fancy schmancy dressed up men with monocles and mustaches. Decided a sword CRUTCH was a much better alternative
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