Dallas Picture

Dallas here is a character for Pale Blue Dawn.
He's one of the four main protagonists, and is drummer for their band, Statera.
I figured utilizing a Raijin/Raiden inspired character for a drummer was just too perfect of an opportunity, so I expanded upon that with more Japanese mythology influence and tied in him being Red Oni type ogre as well.

Now for additional details!
He rides a cloud (think Goku's Flying Nimbus, partly because Akira Toriyama's art style and DBZ went into inspiring his design style) and he can pull additional drumkit parts of out his stomachface's mouth (he even puts the bone drumsticks back in its mouth).
Speaking of which, his stomachface has a split tongue in its mouth, which hold up the two drums that he's playing. There's actually even a third tongue in there as well that will play the drums with him.

Since Dimebag Darrell went into the inspiration for Diamond Eyes Darrell, I found it only fitting to have the drummer take some inspiration from his drummin' brother, Vinnie Paul.
Which went into why he wears a cowboy hat (with his horns comin' through, Pantera fans will understand why, hucka chucka) and sunglasses.
Also even why he has "unusually" stylin' facial hair.
And yup, his name was taken from the city in which Pantera got recognized from playin' gigs at.
The inspiration is pretty much a referenception. XD

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*UPDATED: Celestial robe tweaked, drums have been changed to be more properly Taiko looking, and with the token Raijin/Raiden drum symbols, but in the form of Magatamas doing it.*
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