Siren Bird Document Picture

After watching Ice Age 4 with my friends, I keep on imagining about the Sirens from the movie, and so, I created a fictional species of bird: Sirenis femmilicus, also known as the Siren Bird.

Here is the document of the Siren Bird:

The Siren Bird is an all-female species found in forests nearby forests in Wales and Scotland. These birds, being named after the creature of Greek mythology, change their appearance of a mate of a male bird to lure and mate with during the mating season or to lure and attack rival birds.

Siren Bird eggs have a purplish-pink tint with pink speckles for a pattern. The lifespan of a Siren Bird in the wild is up to 20 years, but in captivity, up to an extended 25 years.

Siren Birds, being an all-female species, have a feminine figure once they mature into adults and have an appearance of a fluffy ball when they're young.

Its diet is mostly fruit, insects, and seeds. It also has a strange love to some human food, such as chocolate and bread, thanks to its strong digestion system.

The size of a Siren Bird egg/newborn is 15cm, 17.5cm few weeks after they hatch and grow up to 25cm when they become adults. The wingspan of a Siren Bird is up to 20cm.

Siren Birds are friendly and docile to humans and fellow birds which are insectivores/herbivores. They also have the intelligence of a young child, such as learning to speak and pick up or push objects like pencils or small toys.

Plus, they adore the sound of music, whether it's loud or quiet, they enjoy all types of music, like classical or samba.

Hope you like it! Please comment before you fav! It's okay to roleplay with this picture so you're free to roleplay if you want.

How long it took: 30 minutes

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (c) Blue Sky Studios

Siren Bird, Document & Art (c) Me
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